Invitation Letters

The technical secretary, on behalf of the Organizing Committee of the LAC Conference 2020+1, will send a letter of invitation to any conference participant who requires it for visa purposes. It is understood that such an invitation is intended to help potential delegates to raise funds or to obtain a visa. 

Please note: The invitation letter will be sent to the delegate after the registration and payment is completed.

If you need an invitation letter, please send the following information to the email address:  including the following data:

Full name as it appears on your passport

Passport number

Date of birth


The letters will only be sent by email.

A letter of invitation to the third LAC Conference 2020+1 does NOT mean: 

    • That we provide any financial assistance
    • A guarantee of acceptance of any contribution sent
    • A guarantee of acceptance as a participant in the event.
    • That we reimburse any expenses for medical treatment. Furthermore, the participant is obliged to provide insurance for any kind of medical treatment.

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